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Welcome to the

Academy for Earth Sustainability


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The Academy for Earth Sustainability (AES) is your one stop shop for learning about and acting upon the most pressing environmental issues facing your city & community.

We expertly co-design, build, and facilitate experiential learning programs, curricula & solutions through the lens of environmental sustainability & permaculture. 

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Our Work

Sustainability is a vast topic and to holistically have impact, our projects take a wide range of forms. 

  • Macro Scale Curricula Building: Building scale-able curricula in experiential, digital and print formats around a range of environmental and social topics.

  • Eco Embark: Learning through immersion: We have intro courses, design thinking courses, eco-preneurship, community impact courses and more!

  • Living Labs: We build & co-design outdoor, experiential classroom & lab spaces with students.

  • Youth for Aarey: Our youth led citizen activism platform for the protection of green spaces in Mumbai.

How we do it

We work with different communities form a range of socioeconomic backgrounds based on their unique needs.


We co-create curricula and facilitate for systematic change, over a range of timelines based on the project at hand.

We use a wide range of pedagogic tools to enhance our learning techniques including experiential education, design thinking, engaging with experts, project & place based learning as well as a range of socio-emotional learning tools; all though the lens of environmental sustainability



Since our founding, we have established an ecosystem of long term partnerships with some of the leaders in the education space. We love working with them and are grateful. 

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