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What we do 


The Academy of Earth Sustainability helps schools, businesses, and individuals to gain critical life skills and knowledge through collaborative, hands-on projects in environmental sustainability


Collaborating to build outdoor learning spaces, program participants become:


  • Successful Learners and Professionals: Tackling problems hands-on, participants exercise and build vital skills that are necessary to succeed in today’s world, such as teamwork, critical thinking, communication, decision-making, risk-taking,  and social responsibility.


  • Confident IndividualsOur outdoor projects provide highly stimulating environments for participants to take control of their training, and apply creativity and resourcefulness to develop real-life solutions.  


  • Responsible CitizensTaking on interrelated challenges such as climate change, food security and poverty, participants gain an important understanding of the big problems and events that shape our world, and take personal initiative to contribute to change within their schools and businesses.

Why Sustainability?


In today's fast-moving world, organizations and individuals need to keep up with the pace of change and prepare for a future they don't yet understand.


This is the goal of sustainability. Indeed, AES trainings in sustainable development impart ideas, understanding, values and skills that are highly relevant to today’s society, economy and environment. Our entertaining tools and techniques not only educate your stakeholders about critical environmental challenges, but teach them to embrace and apply long-term problem solving and innovation skills. 


Moreover, sustainability initiatives in our schools, corporates, and personal lives turn each one of us into a strategic actor in the drive to a better world. Embracing the principles of sustainability enables more ethical conduct of business, respect for human rights, and a healthier planet. That's something we can all say yes to. 

Why Simplify?


In the 21st century, individual success requires much more than basic book knowledge. Citizens, students, and businesspeople must do more than memorize facts and figures; they must understand how to apply these concepts in different settings, solve problems, work collaboratively, communicate ideas, and be creative innovators. 


AES helps organizations take an adventurous approach to learning and skill development through exciting outdoor projects. Our curriculum emphasizes 'real-world' challenges, enjoyment, and team-driven solutions - guaranteeing great memories with insights and skills that stick.


Such experiences inspire passion, motivating people to become successful learners and to develop themselves as healthy, confident, enterprising and responsible citizens. Brining these abilities back to school and work allow

each individual to contribute to more vibrant, thriving institutions.



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