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We'd love to work with you and see what you have to say or call us. at 9820444377.

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Our Founding

AES was dreamt & conceived by Sukriti Gupta. 

Inspired by her mentor project, Ark Eden on Lantau (Hong Kong)  - she felt the need for a new way of inspiring the youth to learn and care for the environment, tying in curriculum education with experiences and projects based learning.

Our People

Our people are committed, talented, resourceful and great at what they do. 

We hire & collaborate with people based on our projects, bringing in the right resource people at the time. 

We have been blessed with many contributors in the past. We wish them each well on the journey onwards. 

To read more about who works with us, click the link below

Coming Soon

Our Clients

Our client list speaks to the work that we do. 

We have been blessed to have long, reoccurring partnerships with many. 

We hope you will be one of them. 

To read what they have to say about us...

About Us

Taking care of, observing & living in harmony with our natural world helps us take better care of ourselves, provides new insights and equips us with relevant life skills for the 21st century you didn't know you needed.


We collaborate, create, build, innovate and constantly push the envelope with our partners.

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