We deliver quality education programs that use sustainability issues to transform students into confident leaders, engaged critical thinkers and responsible global citizens.


Through our diverse project based learning systems, students gain a deep understanding of the multi faceted nature of environmental issues, and experiment with sustainable systems on site and in the classroom.


Students gain valuable knowledge in subject areas such as applied biology, physics, economics, engineering, product design & architecture. 

8 & Up


3 -6 Days


In School & AES community sites 

Best for Ages:


Program Duration:       



Eco Embark

  • Our intro program to the main tenants of sustainability  - food, water, waste and energy through a series of interactive, solution driven learning labs.


  • Students map where our energy, food and water comes from and learn ways to manage waste.


  • They role play different communities to understand how resources are distributed.


  • Students use this knowledge to build small scale sustainable solutions to issues within their school.

Best for Ages:


Program Duration:       



10 & Up


2 -3 Nights


AES community Farm

In the Field! Overnight camp

  • A 1 to 3 day camp at our sites around Mumbai, building on rural sustainability, biodiversity, cultural history and natural sciences.


  • Harvest some wild foods, learn to make  garden beds and compost piles, plant native trees, and interact with the livestock!


  • Go on a nature trail to recognize the local plants and animals.


  • Build experiments to understand soil erosion, water harvesting and solar energy.


  • This program builds a deeper understanding of sustainable systems and communities by meaningfully immersing students into nature.



Best for Ages:


Program Duration:       


12 & Up


20 hrs flexi


In School


  • A specially designed crash course in entrepreneurship and product development through the lens of sustainability.


  • Identify a sustainability issue from your community.


  • Design, prototype and budget a product through triple bottom line analysis.


  • Test assumption, interview community members, ideate solutions and create a financial plan for your idea.


  • Present you findings to an expert panel.


  • Students gain the valuable experience of bringing a marketable idea to life: strengthiening problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills.


Best for Ages:


Program Duration:       



8 & Up


1 Day


AES community site

Community Impact

  • Take sustainable solutions to those who need them most - solving real problems like food security, malnutrition, water scarcity and more.


  • Take a field trip to one of AES community learning sites.


  • Interact and work to build solutions with community members.


  • Contribute by building food garden, waste management systems, teach vocational skills, or create water harvesting systems.


  • Gain deeper insight into what challenges are faced by those less fortunate and how one can personally be part of the solution


Best for Ages:


Program Duration:       



14 & Up


2 Days


In School

Co-Lab Learners

  • An intensive interschool conference where student teams identify sustainability issues, ideate, build and test prototypes.


  • Play various team building games to understand local sustainability issues


  • Mentoring by a panel of sustainability and design experts.


  • This program uses our Design Thinking curriculum; where students learn to empathize and define problems, ideats, prototype and get feedback.


  • The interdisciplinary interschool approach allows for high creativity, team building and exposure to new ways of working.


Best for Ages:


Program Duration:       



12 & Up


7 - 10 Nights


Ark Eden, Hong Kong

Global Leaders - Overseas Program

  • A 7– 10 days overseas sustainability camp at our sister organization Ark Eden, Hong Kong: looking at global sustainability & international affairs


  • Participate in an inter-school entrepreneurship & design lab on the Ark Eden demonstration & education lab with local, HK students


  • Go on cultural walking tours, mangrove assessments, nature trails, tree plantations, beach walks & swims, & urban sustainability tours.


  • Meet with professionals in Hong Kong working in the corporate and non profit space to understand how corporations and organizations are tackling global sustainability through local solutions


  • Understand the key similarities and differences in the global fight for sustainability and how international communities can work together to solve these issues


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