The Living Labs project is an AES concept  where we work long term with a school or community to set up outdoor classrooms, complete with edible gardens, experimental learning tools ​and mini ecosystems.

​Designed & maintained by students in partnership with their facilitators, the lab is a space for co-creation and shared learning. 


Students grow food, experiment with recycling waste, nurture a tree nursery, start their own enterprises & create their own learning experiences.

Some of the features of our Living Labs include:

  • Edible Gardens

  • Sensory Garden

  • Seed Bank

  • Worm Farm

  • Mini Ponds

  • Up-cycled Art Lab

  • Pollinator Habitats

  • Renewable Energy & Future tech Zones

  • Native Tree Nursery

Our Labs are great for any school or community from all walks of life.

Our labs integrate regular school subjects into an experiential curricula that enhances