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AES provides businesses in India with knowledge, innovation and inspiration to implement simple sustainable solutions and build a responsible corporate culture.


With our auditing services, applied sustainability workshops and environmental awareness programs, we make it easy and fun for your business to understand and apply sustainability in your workspace; embracing small changes for large impact.


Through the collaborative building of outdoor spaces, we use contemporary environmental issues as a platform for corporate coaching workshops; to challenge and invigorate employees to be inventive problem solvers and responsible global stakeholders. 


Team Building & Communication

  • Our sustainability programs promote new ideas amongst your employees, driving their enthusiasm to make real changes for the better of your organisation.


  • Employees are given unique design challenges to develop achievable solutions for large scale environmental issues; harnessing their power to think out of the box and work in creative ways. 


  • Programs push employees to view global issues with a 360 degree world view in order to create effective solutions workplace. 

Effective Resource Management

  • Our team of sector experts will audit your energy, waste, water, and carbon outputs and help you assess your global environmental footprint.


  • We provide comprehensive, easy to implement, small scale solutions to reduce your environmental impact while  positively influencing your bottom line.


  • Our programs with your employees use advanced corporate training techniques to create behavioural change for lasting environmental awareness and long term sustainability.


Applied Sustainability

  • We take the founding concepts of sustainability and apply them to the workplace for enhanced productivity and innovation in the office.


  • This module is designed to emphasize the practical and personal elements of sustainability, using unique tools to help you assess the relationships between everyday habits and large scale systems. 


  • We work with companies to co-create systems for measuring the financial benefits of applied sustainability in your business, such as increased resource efficiency , as well as the environmental benefits, such as reduction in carbon footprint.

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