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Sustainable & Conscious Living

Permaculture design courses equips students with the perspectives and skills to observe and interact with the patterns and rhythms of nature to create beautiful, abundant and resilient farms and homes. The course has an emphasis on hands-on learning, with students actively contributing to the development of a permaculture farm.  Students will leave with the confidence to implement diverse principles and techniques in their own projects at home. 

Moreover, our courses integrate the sustainable farming skills of permaculture with conscious living practices of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Applied together, these practices enable people to live in peace and harmony with their environment, and to develop holistic solutions for regenerative stewarding of the land.


Past Permaculture Courses: November 2015 - March 2016

Currently there are no scheduled Permaculture Design Courses for 2019

If you are interested in hosting a PDC at your farm, please reach out to us at

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a system of design that focuses on how food, energy, water, waste and systems can tie into one another for maximum efficiency, with minimum work. Utilizing systems such as rainwater harvesting, organic food production, biodiversity regeneration, and waste management; it focuses on care of the earth and care of the people for a smart, sustainable future.

Narsanna  Koppula & The Team



Our primary instructor for our courses has been Narsanna Koppula - the first and most renowned permaculture pioneer in India. For nearly three decades, his environmental-humanitarian work through his organization, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, has been empowering rural communities through the employment and education of innovative and successful techniques in sustainable agriculture.


One of Narsanna’s greatest achievements has been the  implementation of Tree Based Farming Systems (TBFS) around Andhra Pradesh & Telegana. Under this system, Narsanna and his community have planted 100,000 fruit plants and 3 lakh mixed forest species on the land of over 1000 tribal families.  Narsanna is also an expert consultant for diverse sustainability and permaculture projects around the country!


Click here to read more about Narsanna’s incedible work across India.


Course Details


Permaculture Design Courses always include the international recognized PDC Curriculum that can be found in the Permaculture Designer’s Manual.


Highlighted for these courses are the following:

  • Food and Nutrition Security through Permaculture Design

  • Design Principles and Practices to build resilience in farming systems

  • Food Forest & Orchard Design

  • Building Soil and Fertility

  • Watershed Management and Erosion Control

  • Water Harvesting / Graywater Systems

  • Drought Proofing / Climate Change Resilience

  • Earthworks

  • Building Biodiversity

  • Appropriate Technologies

  • Understanding how to apply permaculture to social and rural development projects

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