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Things our clients say that inspire us to do good work

We engaged with Academy for Earth Sustainability through our middle school CSR program at the American School of Bombay.

We were very impressed with the curriculum that AES put together for our students. There was a logical flow to the events, starting with taking the time to understand the context and learning more about the site. This was followed by engaging kids in the DT process.


Their faculty were incredibly knowledgeable and adept at working with our students. They knew when to be gentle and when to push thinking. By the end of the year, students had had designed parts of a playground with recycled materials, created an art mural, built a part of the food garden and also developed a video of the whole process.

We received excellent feedback from our faculty about the overall project, the choices for tasks offered to students, the support from AES and their openness to feedback. We were also incredibly impressed with their level of knowledge about permaculture and their passion for the work they do.

I would highly recommend international schools working with AES for their student programs in environmental education or service projects. It is a professionally run small organization that combines personal passion for and in depth knowledge of sustainable living with  an understanding of how to work with children- a rare combination.

Purvi Vora

Educator/ Cofounder, Renniscience Education

I am an educator and a difficult one. I am a thorough planner and i always expect that from people who work with children. I am writing to all of you, because that's what I found extraordinary about the program of AES. They were heartful and soulful and skillful in their way of dealing with children and their understanding about sustainability!


They were wonderfully communicative about the program design and it was so beautifully custom made for us! :D It was not just do-do-do-do but it was about reflecting emotionally and intellectually! :)

Aditya Vaishampayan

Educator, Hyderabad, Pebble Creek Life School

I am thankful to AES for organising the PDC at Karjat in Nov 2015. The course content and design was too mouth-watering to not sign up. I did have my doubts though - I didn't know the organisers, there were no references etc. Signing up was one of the best decisions I have taken though. The course lived up to my expectations and gave me both a macro as well as micro perspective on the subject of Permaculture, as well as on the larger subject of agro-ecology. Enough cannot be said about the faculty,

Ketan Dand

Mumbai, Participant, Permaculture Design Course 2015

The interaction with AES was a very informational and comprehensive one. The students enjoyed going through the entire process of field to table with the group. It was really phenomenal to see the team starting with the prior knowledge of the students and then taking them to the farm where they explored the hands on experience of field to table. What was astonishing was the reflection after the trip, and just how much the students learned!

Overall, I would say it was a pleasure to work with the group and would like to continue this interaction with them

Bernadine Rebello

Educator, Fazlani Foundation

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