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Earth Camps

Our earth camps are all about adventure, challenge, and the great outdoors. We spend our days connecting with nature, swimming in lakes, climbing trees, putting our hands in the soil, using tools, letting our imaginations fly, building cool things - and so much more! ​

Our Earth Camps are truly holistic learning experiences, where you probably won't realize you have learnt so much stuff along the way! 


If you've ever wanted to get away from the city, unleash your inner explorer, try new things and bring a little thrill & adventure into your life - then this is the right fit for you!


Click on the description below for a detailed write up for each of our camps and remember to register HERE

Survival in the Wild

Have you ever watched in awe at Man vs. Wild as Bear Grylls runs through forest fires, traps wild bears, or grills insects for dinner?

Would you know what to do if you were dropped in the middle of the forest (or desert, or mountains) with only the clothes on your back? Could you survive in the wild?

Our wilderness survival crash course will lead you through challenging exercises and adventure tasks to make you skilled and strong enough to outlast 72 hours in the great outdoors.


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Tool Time: Earth Builders

What is it that makes stuff work? How do the parts of an motor come together to move things? How can we build structures to stand the test of time?

If you've ever wanted to dive into the process of design, or you  enjoy constructing and deconstructing objects or just want a crash course in working with power tools - then this is the course for you. 

We spend our days designing objects from materials around the site, and build our creations, watching them come to life - even bringing a few hand made creations home with you! 

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Wilderness Explorers

If spending your days exploring old abandoned forts, hiking through green hills, learning to sail between trees, swimming in pristine lakes, and climbing trees sound like your thing – then you are in luck. Wilderness Explore adventure camp has all this and more!

Spend our days filled with vibrant colours and smells, while our expert facilitators unravel and share the many hidden treasures of the wild. 

Your day will be jam packed with a host of adventure activities as well as the basics of how to set up camp in the great outdoors. Nights will be spent star gazing, making bonfires & watching outdoor movies!

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Biomimicry & Art

Throughout history, Nature has inspired millions of artists, designers and architects to create in Her image - and with the intricate designs, repetitive patterns, and vibrant colours; it's not hard to see why!


Yet there's more to it than meets the eye! Many product designers have also paid attention to how nature has solved some of the most perplexing challenges - did you know Velcro was modeled after a seed dispersal method that trees use?

Our days will be filled with our own observations, and drawing inspiration from the natural world. We will be creating works of art based off what we see, feel and hear and if creative expression is your thing - then you need to be here!

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All our Earth Camps are co-hosted and facilitated by the wonderful people behind the heart and soul of Native Place. Native Place is a unique guesthouse and pioneer paragliding training school (Nirvana) that have been a cornerstone in the adventure sport and Kamshet community since 1998. 


Situated 2.5 hours outside of Mumbai, right at the foot Vadivali Lake, ​Native Place is the ideal backdrop for our camps. It is home to bountiful gardens, and is intended to be a place of adventure & magic, connecting generations; recreating the spirit of an ancestral home. 

Students are accommodated in sharing dorms with bunk beds and shared bathrooms. Girls will have their own enclosed bathroom in their dorm. 


Your safety is our first priority, therefore all courses are led by certified outdoor & adventure specialists. There are several first aid officers on site and the guest house itself has 24 hours round the clock security. 

Being an established player in the paragliding space, Native Place has hosted many young people before and has an exceptional track record when it comes to safety.

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Contact us here for registration and more information

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